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Why You Should Order From Print & Cheques Now

If you have never asked for a better deal on your cheques you are probably paying too much.

For no additional cost, Cheques Now gives you 25% more laser cheques and a whopping 50% more manual cheques on every order. Not only do our cheques cost less, we also offer the highest security cheques in Canada.

Laser Cheque Price Comparison

When you order from Cheques Now, you’ll get 25% more cheques at no additional cost.

Cheques Now offers the HIGHEST SECURITY CHEQUES in Canada for less..
Experience the Cheques Now Advantage

    • 100% CPA compliant
    • Highest Cheque Security Features in Canada
    • Next Day Rush Service Available
    • 25% More Free Laser Cheques On All Orders
    • 50% More Free Manual Cheques On All Orders
    • AIR MILES® Reward Miles on All Orders
    • Over 30 Years experience printing cheques

    Trusted supplier for over 14,000 Canadian businesses including

PriceQuantity$ Per Cheque

Not sure which cheque type is right for you? Call us at 1-866-760-2661

Manual Cheque Price Comparison

Switch today and get 50% More Manual Cheques on Every Order.

PriceQuantity$ Per Cheque

I am satisfied with the efficient and fast service that I received. The price was very competitive; I searched on the Internet for a rival well-known company for cheques and found this company which was far cheaper.


Thank you so much for the fast prompt delivery on my cheques, the cheques look perfect and I love your friendly and courteous way of doing business.


Not Sure Which Cheque Type Is Right For You? Customer Service is what truly sets us apart. Call our cheques advisors for expert advice and help.
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