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Deciding which between manual and laser cheques to choose for your business in Montreal is important. With your financial security and convenience on the line, you should seriously consider which of these options would best suit your payment systems.

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Manual Cheques. These traditional cheques are cheaper than laser cheques. If your business has been around for a long time now and you have already established your own payment systems, using manual cheques should be good. They are easier to use as well and wouldn’t require sophisticated software.

Laser Cheques. They are the more advanced versions of the manual cheques. High security features are what these cheques offer the most. It would be harder to copy these cheques as they come with advanced features like heat sensitive inks and gold hologram. Laser cheques work with different kinds of accounting software so this shouldn’t be difficult to incorporate in your business.

Which One Should You Choose?

You get a lot more from manual cheques if you opt for these. Printing companies can actually offer 50% more manual cheques for the same amount of money. That is two times more than the 25% offered by laser cheques.

On the other hand, laser cheques are more secure. Due to their sophisticated features, you can further lessen any risks for fraudulence. They are also easier to fill out and wouldn’t require the name of your financial institution. In case you change the name of your business and its address, you wouldn’t have to create a new design for your cheques.

Both manual and laser cheques have different design and color options to choose from. If you search for a good cheques printing company online, you will be able to pick the color and background design that will best represent your company.

Buying Your Cheque Online

If you haven’t tried using laser cheques before, this is the best time to do so. You won’t be able to appreciate the benefits of using laser cheques if you don’t incorporate it in your payment systems.

There may be a shortage of laser cheque providers in Montreal so if you are looking for one, the best thing you can do is to scout online. Buying cheques online is safe and reliable, contrary to what others might think. Purchasing your cheques online is also more convenient. You can even opt for rush shipping if you need the cheques already.

Laser cheques are also great because they wouldn’t require pre-verification from the bank. They are practically ready to use, which is great for busy business owners as it eliminates one more task from your to-do list.

What is great about buying online is the many options you have. You can take advantage of the benefits of laser cheques, have the printing company put security keys on it and ensure that it is safe from people who might tamper with it or copy it. You can also get more out of your money as printing companies can offer at least 25% more cheques from your usual order.

When searching for a cheque provider online, make sure they have been in this business for a long time already. They should also have a physical address in Canada as further proof of their reliability. Go for those offering products that are 100% CPA compliant. This means that the design and the materials used for their cheques comply with the standards and regulations stipulated by the government. Look for printing companies with more sophisticated printers and are able to produce more cheques for the same price.

Now is the best time to decide which between manual cheques and laser cheques to use. Partner with a good cheque printing company and have a steady supply of reliable, secure and well-made cheques delivered to you. With this efficient system in tow, you can reduce many of the burdens you are probably experiencing from your business right now.

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