2 Per Page Duplicate Manual Cheques.


QUANTITIES PRICES Shipping included
200 $167.00
500 $188.00
1000 $287.00
2000 $491.00
3000 $669.00
4000 $825.00
5000 $967.00


Size: 11 x 6 1/2″

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Two per page manual duplicate cheques are great for keeping around the office or taking with you in the available two per page duplicate manual cheque binder.
  • 100% CPA Compliant.
  • Choice of 5 Background Colours.
  • All Ultra Security features are listed on the back of our cheques!!!


Security Features:

  • Toner Adhesion- Fuses toner on paper surface. Makes it difficult to change data by scraping or using tape.- Invisible Fibers- Fibers are built into the paper. Visible under UV light and are a useful authentication tool. Special chemical indicators in the paper appear as stains if exposed to common ink solvents.
  • Micro Print- Lines appear broken to the human eye. When scanned or copied they will often blur.
  • Security Warning- Detailed list helps verify security features. Serves as a potential deterrent to criminals.
  • 5 Chemical Sensitivities- All 5 available sensitivities including, Polar Reaction (blue stain), Non-Polar Reaction (purple stain), Oxidant Reaction (light yellow stain), Acid reaction (pink stain), Base Reaction (turquoise stain)

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