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Montreal-based businesses are not the only ones who can benefit from cheques. Average workers or individuals can also opt for this payment system. It reduces the hassle of buying through credit card or paying through cash. A cheque is easy to fund and release and definitely easy to bring with you. And in case you need a big amount of cash for payment, it is readily available. No need for you to go to the bank and withdraw a large amount of money.

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One of the challenges personal cheque users have to pay is the replenishment of their printed cheques supply. Not many know that they can get it online or have it printed by an expert printing company with an online website. Some still purchase from banks, which can really put a dent on your wallet.

This is where ChequesNow steps in. We offer cheques printing services that can take the place of your usual method in acquiring your supply of cheques.

Why us?

Cheaper printing cost. Compared to purchasing your cheques from your bank, our printing services costs up to three times cheaper. For instance, for the same amount of money, you can get 50% more manual cheques. If you use laser cheques, you get 25% more of this cheque than you would if you will get it from a bank. Your money goes a long way with the products we offer at ChequesNow.

More options for you. We don’t just sell you generic cheques. You can customize your cheques in the way you want it to look. Our system allows you to choose from different colors. With this option, you will be proud to use your cheques.

Faster transaction. How long does it usually take for you to order and receive your cheques when you buy them from your bank? ChequesNow dispenses with the bureaucracy and manufactures the cheques you need fast. If you order now, your cheques can be shipped the next day and on your doorstep before you know it.

Safer Features. Bank cheques are often preferred because of their safety features. But our cheques are just as safe, if not even safer. We use techniques such as heat sensitive inks and gold foil hologram to ensure that your cheques are fraud-proof.

ChequesNow offer a wide range of solution to personal cheque users. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to start having cheques for your personal used delivered to you.

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