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I am satisfied with the efficient and fast service that I received. The price was very competitive; I searched on the Internet for a rival well-known company for cheques and found this company which was far cheaper.

Thank you so much for the fast prompt delivery on my cheques, the cheques look perfect and I love your friendly and courteous way of doing business.

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Why Choose Print & Cheques Now?

Print & Cheques Now Inc (Formerly Cheques Now / Cheques Direct Ltd) is a family-owned and -operated business with over 30 years of cheque manufacturing experience. The owners Tom & Irene Gilchrist first started producing cheques back when One-Write cheques were common. They and their 5 sons would spend hours upon hours glueing them together for their small business clients.

Their business grew over the next 28 years from working out of their home office with just the two of them to having over 20 employees and over 16,000 sq ft of space. They expanded their company and grew with their clients as they began to offer a broader range of print services, including stationary items (letterhead, envelopes) and multi-part printed forms (invoices, PO’s, work orders, et cetera)

Tom and Irene sold their original print shop on November 1st 2006. And since that time they have been focused solely on cheque manufacturing and have been joined by two of their five sons Ryan & Jon Gilchrist who are now taking an active role in the day to day operations of the company.

As a small family run business we pride ourselves on customer service and strive hard to earn our clients repeat business. We are once again beginning to branch out from just manufacturing cheques to adding a broader range of print services to service our clients ever changing needs. Whether you need business cards, stationary items or multi part forms for your company we strive to offer you better service with lower prices wherever possible.

We moved our shop in June of 2010 from just under 1,800 sq ft to nearly 6,000 sq ft and are in the midst of installing several web presses, collators and other much needed print machinery.

We thank you for your business and for your support, and look forward to doing business with you over the many years to come.

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